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Projecting is the most important part of Construction.

Organizational structure, design techniques, skilled personnel and specialization of design organizations depend on many factors, such as types of construction and design works, complexity of designed objects (buildings and facilities), their branch function, etc.

SEVERSTROISERVICE implements design and survey works based on initial planning and building permits, such as:

We perform engineering studies:
  • engineering and geodetic surveys,
  • engineering-geologic surveys,
  • hydro-meteorologic engineering surveys,
  • engineering and environmental surveys,
  • quality control.

Types of design works:

  • prepare land plot planning,
  • prepare architectural solutions,
  • prepare constructive decision,
  • prepare information about internal technical equipment, internal engineering and technical services,
  • prepare external supply line of engineering and technical services,
  • prepare technology concept,
  • prepare special sections of project documentation,
  • prepare arrangement of construction project, dismantling and demounting of buildings and facilities, lifetime extension and conservation,
  • prepare environmental strategy,
  • prepare fire safety execution plan,
  • provide project documentation.