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Civil Construction is a branch of capital construction specializes in construction of nonmaterial sphere of national economy, such as: dwelling houses, hostels, hotels, trade and public catering facilities, schools, educational institutions, health care and child care centers, theaters, cultural centers, cinemas, clubs, sports building, libraries, museums, office buildings, consumer services and community facilities.

«SEVERSTROYSERVICE» performs full range of construction works:

  • projecting;
  • pile driving;
  • foundation (combined footing);
  • metal frame and concrete skeleton;
  • walls (brick, panel, profiled sheet);
  • ceiling and covering;
  • roofs (three-layer panels, profiled sheet, metal tile, roof membrane);
  • openings (window, door, gate);
  • floors (concrete, tile, linoleum, mosaic);
  • brick and framed partitions;
  • ceilings;
  • heat insulation works;
  • finishing works.

We also perform specialized works:

  • heating and ventilation system, water and gas system, canalization;
  • fire water supply installation;
  • power-supply system;
  • communication and security systems.