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Transport is one of the major and basic branches of economy in Russian Federation, also it is one of the most important parts of the industrial and social infrastructure. Transport communications consolidate all the country, which is necessary condition for territorial integrity and unity of economic space. Transport industry connects Russia with the world community, ensures foreign economic relations and integration into the global economic system..

Transport construction is a branch which implements construction works and reconstruction of railway, road, water, air, pipeline facilities, including highway and railway subgrade construction, track structure, railway electrification, automation and telemechanics, road and airport surfacing, bridge construction, oil and gas pipelines construction as well as stations, depots, engineering and utility services room and other transport facilities construction.

Our company performs different types of transport construction:

  • Road construction, operation and maintenance support of roads;
  • Driveway marking;
  • Pedestrian areas, intraquarter passages, open parkings construction;
  • Asphalt works;
  • Winter roads construction.

Key factors for our company in Transport Construction are operating safety and minimum term of construction..