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Industrial Construction is a sector which creates fixed assets of industry. Purpose of Industrial Construction is full range of construction and installation works to ensure implementation of new production plants and expansion or reconstruction (modernization) of existing production plants.

The most common types of industrial facilities:

  • Modular houses (prefabricated building).
  • Hangars (storage building, heated or unheated space).
  • Industrial buildings, production complexes (according to branch of industry).
  • Sheds (parking garage)..
  • Farm buildings.
  • Gatehouses.
  • Office and administrative facilities.
  • Plant facilities and workshops.

LLC PCC «SSS» focuses on capital industrial construction that has higher floor stress. In future, construction of such facilities intends to build superstructures, as well as they reconstruction. This allows to invest money in real estate more profitable.

Our company proposes repair services of industrial premises.

We focus on repair services of industrial premises which have such peculiarities:

  • Ceiling height (during repair works we use only building woods, rolling towers).
  • Floor stress(it is frequently occurring industrial premises with floor-level installation).
  • Embedded parts on the floor and walls (for equipment installation).
  • Electric network (as a rule it lays over wall in flexible metallic hoses).
  • Ventilation (with large reserve capacity, sound often exceeds 60 decibels in service).