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Development of world energetics poses new challenges and requires innovative methods of construction. Energy sector never stops, it is under the permanent developing, which requires the introduction of new technologies, training of qualified personnel, increasing of power efficiency.

LLC PCC «SSS» specializes in construction , development and power project engineering, such as gas turbine power plants , thermal power plants , combined-cycle power plants and others.

We offer a wide range of services in power engineering projects such as:

  • Examination and analysis of infrastructure;
  • Analysis of social and economic expediency of the project;
  • Development of financial and economic model of the project;
  • Feasibility Study (FS );
  • Site survey and existing infrastructure;
  • Development of building , electrical , thermal mechanical sections of the project;
  • Development of requirements to environmental impact;
  • Development of requirements for main power equipment and electrical machinery;
  • Project management at all stages;
  • Assessment of physical factors and production activities of power plants;
  • Market and technical risks analysis and methods of its prevention.
  • Arrangement of outdoor utility lines:
    • Installation of transmission towers; industrial and public transport lines.
  • Arrangement of internal utility lines:
    • Power supply construction to 1000V and more;
    • Installation of indoor and outdoor lighting;
    • Supply and installation of power equipment, substations.
Our aim is to achieve maximum results. Our principles base on strict adherence to the construction schedule, safe handling, technical conditions and environmental policy.