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Yuzhno-Priobskaya Gas Turbine Power Plant

In December, 2010 LLC PCC «SSS» finished Yuzno-Priobskaya gas-turbine power plant (96MW) construction, which included foundation works and commissioning thereof (ЕРС contract).

The plant was built near the technological platform of Priobskoye field in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. Energy consumers of field are group pumping stations for water injection and oil pumping, rigs, auxiliary production facilities.

Power plant involves:
  • GTPP (gas-turbine power plant) with units in turbine room;
  • step-up substation 10/110 kV with outdoor switchgear 110 kV;
  • gas distribution station with modules;
  • emergency diesel electric power station;
  • boiler house (with water treatment systems), technological systems, supply pipeline.

The Expantion of Purtazovskaya CS, Urengoi town

Because of arctic climate, Purtazovskaya CS is considered to be one of the most complicated compressor stations. In process of expansion of compressor station we solved technical, technological, transport and organizational problems in severe geoclimatic conditions (temperature 50 ° C below 0).
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